Meet the staff and all around good guys who run Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club:


Adam Barajas, Founder

Born in 1981, Adam didn't get to grow up in the 80's arcade.  He's making it up for it now as he shares the arcade of his dreams with others.


Sean O'Rourke, Social Media Director

Although his day job as a pilot currently has him living Hawaii, Sean O'Rourke is the person responsible for many of the changes and growth at the Flipperspiel. He also handles much of the social media and online communications for the arcade.  

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Gilbert Carranza, Staff

Gil is a legitimate old school gamer who grew up in the 1980's arcade scene. His skill has put him in the record books for a variety of video games and he's a talented pinball player as well. Gil runs the arcade a few days per week and helps organize many of our tournaments.


Sean Stewart, Staff

It is hard to think of the pinball community here in Las Vegas without thinking of Sean.  Sean is someone who always wants to see players succeed in their game, unless he is playing against you in a tournament, in which case he might snicker as you drain three balls. Sean can be found keeping our doors open on Friday nights and often well into Saturday morning.