Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club now meets at Grand Line Games!


Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club Has Moved!

It has finally happened.  We have packed up the pinballs and moved to a new location on the northwest side of Las Vegas off of North Decatur Blvd and West Cheyenne Ave.

There are several reasons for the move but the primary motivator was that rent was going up at the old location and the new location is far closer to where I live, shrinking my 19 mile (one way) commute to only two miles.

I realize this will means that our new location is not as convenient to some of you and we are obviously not as close to the strip and the airport as we used to be.  I do apologize for that but on the other hand this will bring lots of good pinball play to a new neighborhood that hitherto had no place to play pinball and retro video games and that is a good thing.

There are other benefits as well.  You see, at our new location we have teamed up with a retail store called Grand Line Games which buys and sells retro console games and accessories.  This allows us to be open seven days a week and at least 9 hours each day except Sunday and 13 hours each Friday and Saturday!  And of course you will be able to shop Grand Line's excellent selection of classic video games and console systems.

One other change that has been made is with our cost to play.  We will now be charging $10 per hour to play or $15 for as long as you like.  Monthly memberships are still available at $50 per month.  This will get you a membership card which you can use for unlimited play any time the doors are open.  We will also be offering special pricing during league to keep things affordable for everyone.

We will be starting pinball league again soon so check back here soon, sign up for the newsletter or call for more details.  Also, our new location is slightly more "cozy" than the old place so check the list of games to see what is available to play.  I am sure you will find most of your favorites are still around.

The new address and hours can be found below.  Come by and check us out!

Arcade Club Hours: 


Sunday: 12pm - 6pm
Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm

The hours posted above are the minimum hours of operation. Many Fridays and Saturdays we are actually open much later. This is generally true on days with special tournaments or leagues taking place. Text us at 702-721-8-BIT to confirm times.

For details regarding upcoming competitions see our tournaments info page and sign up for our newsletter. 



3281 N. Decatur Blvd, Suite 240
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Our cross streets are N Decatur Blvd and W Cheyenne Ave on the northwest corner.

Our suite is located on the second floor of the Red Feather Shopping Center and is a part of Grand Line Games so look for their sign or the Flipperspiel neon sign in the window.


702-721-8-BIT [702-721-8248]  Call during reasonable hours or text anytime.