Welcome to the Underground.

As of March 9th, 2014 Flipperspiel Wunderland is officially closed to the public, but unofficially you are welcome to come hang out in our warehouse and play some pinball and retro video games!

Yes, it is true that we are no longer operating as a full on arcade.  Our Yelp page is gone, and we are no longer advertising our presence.  However, we still have a building and we are still paying rent till at least February 2015 so we might as well do something, wouldn't you agree?

Every week our friends (that's you) are invited to hang out and chill in the warehouse that we have since dubbed Flipperspiel Underground.  Basically, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night someone will be at the warehouse hanging out, the doors will be unlocked and you are welcome to come and relax with us.  We usually arrive at 8pm but sometimes we get there earlier or later so be sure to call or text before heading down just in case.  Also, keep in mind that since we have expanded our small operating route here in town our game selection is thinner than what it used to be.  Check the Game List if you want to know what games are available and what is currently out on the route.

So what can you expect at Flipperspiel Underground?  Well, it's pretty much like hanging out in your friend's garage: super-relaxed and fun, come on down and meet some new people and make some friends or if you want to make lots of friends, bring sodas or pizza or something like that.

Although we are not operating a for-profit arcade at the moment and although all the games are set to free play, if some cash were to fall out of your pocket or just be conveniently left behind you can rest assured it will be put to good use, paying for things like electricity and toilet paper, just sayin'.  Alternatively, if you were so inclined you could also click the button below:


Arcade Hours: 

Thursday through Saturday: Someone should be there from 8pm till midnight or later.

Sunday through Wednesday, probably closed.

If these hours sound vague to you, it's because they are.  The best thing to do is to send a text before heading down and I will respond quickly letting you know if we are open or not.

Check the Schedule & Events page for any scheduled changes.

For details regarding upcoming competitions see our tournaments info page.


6000 S Eastern Ave. #7A
Las Vegas, NV 89119


Our cross streets are Eastern Ave and Patrick Ln.  Our building is located on the east side of Eastern and faces Patrick Ln. Across the street from Wal-Mart and just behind the Blue Ox Bar and Grill.  From the strip you want to head east on Tropicana Blvd. and turn right (south) on Eastern Ave.  The second light past Russell Rd. is Patrick Ln.  Turn left (east) on Patrick Ln. and immediately turn left into the parking lot.  Look for building 7 suite A.


702-721-8-BIT [702-721-8248]  Call during reasonable hours or text anytime.