These are just a few of the pinball related places we recommend you visit on the web.

Nifty LED - 

Nifty LED supplies high quality LEDs used in many of the machines at the Flipperspiel Wunderland.  Run by two guys out of Southern California they have an easy to use website with lots of information and handy tips and some of the best customer service on the web.

Orange Photography -

Some of the best pinball photography on the web can be found on Orange Photography's website.   Many of Gene's photos are used on our website. Their style focuses on the players and people of the hobby and not just the machines themselves. Gene is not only one of the friendliest people you will meet he is also super talented! Pinball specific photos can be found here.

The Pinball Podcast -

Don and Jeff chat about pinball (and some other things).  This podcast and surrounding community (check out their Facebook page) are a great place to immerse yourself in the latest pinball news and information.  The Podcast is always entertaining and fun.

Pinball Soul -

Amazing weblog featuring videos, podcasts, and links to all things pinball.  Topics range from new and classic pinball machine reviews, to new products for your machines, to educational tips and tricks.  Unlike many other pinball websites they don't just focus on the big news but even include stories and features about the "small scene" folks.  Be sure to catch the interview with Adam Barajas, owner of the Flipperspiel, on Pinball Soul Podcast #11.

Pinside -

Pinside is the greatest online community for the pinball enthusiast.  Chock full of tips, facts, history, and stories of the love of pinball, Pinside is a wonderful resource and great place to just "hang out" online. Head on over today and be sure to say "Hi" to Flipperspiel staffers Adam (adampinball) and Sean (flywithsean).

Pop Culture Maven -

Steven Howearth is the Pop Culture Maven. His website is a collection of thoughts and musings on everything that is part of popular culture and nerd culture including but not limited to movies, television, comics, and video gaming.  His blog consists of informative articles, reviews, news and much more. Well written and fun to read be sure to check out his write up on Flipperspiel Wunderland.