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LVFL Players Guide (Short Rules)

This is not the complete version of the rules, but is intended to be something of a quick-start guide. The complete rules are available here.


A season consists of 10 meets, playing every other week over the course of 20 weeks. Don't worry if you can't make every meet; there are provisions for preplaying as many as three meets. At the end of the season, top players in each division compete in playoffs, which last one or two weeks depending on total league size. The top two finishers in each division earn trophies, and the top three or four finishers in each division get a choice of cool prizes! Seasons will be held in both the spring and the fall allowing for breaks in the summer and winter.


At the start of the season, players will be assigned into groups of 3 or 4 people, based on historical or estimated ability. You compete only with your groupmates for league points. At the end of each meet, the group winner will move up a group, and the low scorer in the group will move down. This group movement "bubbles" players into groups of similar skill, and also ensures you'll get to meet and play against many different people through the season.


Generally, players who usually play in the top groups will be qualified for "A" division, while players in the lower groups qualify for "B" division. If there are enough players, there may also be a "C" division, with groups divided into thirds. Players with the most league points in each division at the end of the regular season move on to the playoffs, and there play only against players in the same division.  The number of divisions is based on the number of participants for the season.

league scoring

Each group plays four games per meet. For each game played, you can score 0 to 4 league points. League points are awarded by ranking the actual machine scores for each game in your group. Players are also awarded 0 to 4 bonus match points based on their total performance against their group that meet.

LVFL scoring tables

LVFL scoring tables

extra balls

On machines set to 3-ball play, you may play 1 earned extra ball (EB); on machines set to 5-ball play, you may not play any extra balls. Any EB’s earned above these limits must be plunged. You may not flip or otherwise touch the machine once the ball is in motion. (If the machine gives you a "ball saver", you must plunge that away, too.) Sorry, you can't "buy-in" an extra ball, even if you scored a replay during your game.


Basic rules of courtesy apply. Do not touch a machine when it's someone else's turn. When your turn comes up, be ready to play. If you need to step away for a moment, let your group know where you are and when you'll be back. Tilting your ball imposes no penalty other than that imposed by the machine (usually loss of ball and bonus). "Slam tilting" the machine, however, will cause you to forfeit that game; multiple violations may cause you to forfeit the season!


League pinball is more fun to play when all players participate regularly. Forfeiting games goes against the spirit of the league. Therefore, if you forfeit 8 games in a season, you will be dropped from the league for the rest of the season, and may not qualify for playoffs. For occasions when it's just impossible to come, you can submit preplays so you don't have to forfeit games.

dated preplays

If you know in advance that you can't play next meet, you may preplay the meet. To do this, you'll need to play every game with at least one other player. All standard league rules apply (e.g. restrictions on extra balls). When done, give your scores to a league official, who will apply them during play for the appropriate meet. You may preplay no more than 12 games (3 meets) per season. Playoffs may not be preplayed!

undated preplays

Prior to the third meet of league play, you may complete a preplay session as described above, specifying no date for these preplays. These undated preplays will be automatically used if you are absent and have no dated preplays. Once used, you may not submit undated preplays again that season. If your undated preplays are used, they count against your 12 preplays per season.

league dues

The league treasurer will collect dues in the amount of $4 per meet per player. These dues pay for league prizes, trophies, parties, and other special events. You are responsible for paying dues even if you are absent on league night; your back dues will be collected upon your return. League dues are separate and apart from club membership dues; both club membership dues (either daily, monthly, or annual) and league dues will be required for play.

The framework for these rules comes from the Free State Pinball Association, or FSPA.  The FSPA has been running pinball leagues for over 20 years and their system of league play has been adopted by hundreds of pinball leagues across the globe.  The Las Vegas Flipperspieler League is grateful for their support.